Our Information and Credit Services business unit provides the best in class data, knowledge and information services. Our core strength is assisting our clients with evaluating the risks and rewards typically associated with providing credit, either to consumers or businesses.

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Our account origination decision support tool allows you to automate the decision-making process, enabling you to uphold your business strategy and rules.

Compuscore PSY

An innovative addition to credit scoring, based on psychometric data.


Our online loan application processing and automation system.

My Credit Check

An easy-to-use, online portal that give consumers access their credit information.


Predict both customer and commercial credit behaviour and the probability of default throughout the credit life cycle.

Batch Manager

Allows subscribers to perform/submit credit enquiries in batch.

Bureau Summary Variables

Maximise the underlying value of our raw data, to power automated decisions at each stage of the credit life cycle.

Credit Check

Our online interface facilitates access to comprehensive bureau data, enabling clients to make affordability assessments.

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